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December 14, 2016
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December 14, 2016

Web Traffic Analytics

Are you ready to take a deeper look into your web traffic? Here at Nexus our expert analysts are here to help. We use Google Analytics to monitor your web traffic, gaining invaluable insight into your websites performance.

We analyse your web traffic using an easy to understand A.B.C. approach: Acquisition, Behaviour and Conversions.


We look at your traffic sources telling you where your traffic is coming from. This may include Organic traffic from the search engines, paid traffic from PPC campaigns, Referrals from external links or traffic from social networks. We also provide information regarding who the visitors are, where in the world they come from, what type of technology do they use and all manner of other details which can be useful to any website owner or marketing team.


What do the visitors do when they reach your website? Do they leave immediately? How long do they stay on the site? What do they look at while they are there? There are many insights to be gained from looking at your visitors behaviours. Perhaps they are visiting pages you didn't think were important or maybe one page in particular is causing a high percentage of customers to leave. Using this information a skilled analyst can identify potential problems or point out possibly opportunities. Essential information for any webmaster.


Lastly we look at conversions. These are the goals you'd like your website to achieve. This is usually a contact form you'd like people to complete but may also include sales on an eCommerce website or perhaps a file you'd like people to download. We track these conversions and provide you with a host of information about who is converting and the conditions that are most likely to lead to a conversion.

Putting It All Together

Taking advantage of this information can vastly improve your website's performance. For example you can learn:

• How much traffic is being generated by your various marketing activities?

• How many conversions, sales, downloads etc result from each of your traffic sources?

• Is there any one source you should invest more in?

• Are there activities that cost a lot but don't result in a proportional number of conversions?

• Do elements of the website prevent or discourage people from continuing all the way to the end?

• Are there any opportunities you may be missing?

Our analysts can point out all of these things and many others. We advise you on how your website can be improved. All together this leads to better performance, more sales and better return on investment from your marketing efforts.

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