Boilers on Finance came to us looking for an upgrade from their old website which was built using Wix website builder tools. The old Wix site relied on a large number of addons, plugins and extensions to allow the site to work as desired. As a result the site was slow, customisation was limited, and it was difficult to track the customer journey accurately.

We proposed sacrificing the Wix CMS features in favour of a faster, lighter and 100% bespoke web application that would allow them fully control the customers users experience. The site was built using a combination of PHP and MySql for advanced server side calculation and data storage, with javascript working in the clients side to provide a fast and friendly user interface, all within a clean and brand focused design made fully responsive for the mobile generation.

The resulting website is smoother with fewer pages required from the initial landing to order confirmation. Each stage updates to provide a customer specific view based on their answers in previous stages leading to a highly relevant and focused user experience. A secure admin area allows staff to login to review customers details, update order statuses, and view incomplete leads with the view of converting them by phone. Furthermore the customer journey can be accurately tracked with full integration with event tracking and goals using Google analytics.

Overall we have created a advanced and sophisticated system geared towards improving customer experience and ultimately increasing sales.