PolymerTrack® publish and distribute weekly polymer prices indicating the lowest average price that polymer resin is traded at across the world’s most active polymer markets. The website offers a subscription service, built in WooCommerce, that allows the user to pay monthly or yearly and for the regions/markets of their choice for the service.


PolymerTrack is an online application that allows users to subscribe to receive accurate polymer prices. It’s an essential tool of manufacturers who use plastics as one of their raw materials.

The application has three main areas:

General Area
Here users can view demo data and choose from a range of yearly or monthly subscriptions. They can take these subscriptions through to a checkout where they can pay and set up their account granting them access to the members only area.

Members Area
Here users will have access to all of the polymer graphs and tables. Access is denied to any users who don’t have a valid subscription.

Admin Area
Here admins can manage the account. It contains a large number of features including tools for managing user subscriptions, generating renewal orders, issuing invoices, and creating new subscriptions types for sale. There is also tools for inputting polymer prices, generating reports, and sending notifications to customers.

Running in the background are a powerful collection of scripts that do everything from adjusting customer access based on their subscription status, detecting expiry dates and unpaid subscriptions, doing percentage calculations based on the polymer prices, and much much more. All of this combines to provide a customer experience worth the price of admission, and an admin experience that’s easy to work with day to day.