Solutions Healthcare came to us with a big task. Take their old, dated client manager system and replace it with something simpler, more modern and packed full of functionality.

The system we built for them was full of features with an special focus on data protection due to the nature of the personal information it would be storing. The system features a staff only admin area, off limits to the general public. Here there are tools for storing and updating client information including over 500 different data items they use to manage their clients accounts. All information is displayed in a modern, pleasant and easy to navigate interface, with intuitive tabs, tables, search features, and filters.

The system also contains a powerful policy builder tool. Here the admin can input and store the clients policy details using a series of simple to complete forms, nicely structured and divided for ease of use. Upon completion they can request that the system builds the policy letter. Using a series of pre-written standard paragraphs the system produces a letter in sections. Each section is selected based on the admins previous inputs, and the information stored about the client. specific data items are injected into the letter such as client names, addresses and policy details. In this way a personalised policy letter is constructed for the client in a single click, flattened to a PDF format and downloaded to the browser ready to be emailed or printed and mailed.

Altogether we provided an advanced data management system which Solutions's staff use daily. With the program in use for over a year now, we've begun looking at the next generation of software to see how we can make it better, more secure and even more useful to staff.