TDC is an actuarial consultancy providing scheme administration, actuarial and governance services to trustees and sponsoring employers of occupational pension schemes. TDC required a CMS website in order to update their industry news and pension conferences that they hold at various times throughout the year.


TDC required a system that would help them serve there customers by storing and presenting key information about their schemes. They requested a client portal, where current clients could login at any time and see all of the information related to their scheme in a single place.

They requested an easy to navigate portal locked away behind a login screen, away from public eyes. They required multiple user levels with different tools and features made available to clients, account managers and admins. Advanced security features were created to assign and detect levels of access making sure the user who logged in only had access to the materials they were authorised to view.

In terms of design, we provided a tab based system which allowed users to easily flip between different categories of information. This included a tab for company contacts, key account figures, important documents, meeting information and more. Each of these sections is automatically tailored to the currently logged in user meaning they only saw the information that is relevant to them.

At the moment the system is used to organise over 40 schemes, with hundreds of users due to be introduced. We're already looking towards the future with plans for more features and increased security.