Three Main Reasons Your Website Should Have an SSL Certificate

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As of January 2020, all browsers will mark non-HTTPS websites as being ‘not secure’ for all web traffic. Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox along with other web browsers have already implemented SSL security measures and in the coming months all other web browsers will follow suit. Your business will need an SSL Certificate to ensure your website doesn’t cause you to fall behind competitors.Secure socket layer SSL

Here are three main reasons why you should get on board and make sure your website has an SSL Certificate:


1) You could be losing customers due to your website not being secure.

Research in 2018 showed that 87% of internet users were unlikely to complete a transaction on non-secure websites – don’t scare your customers away with a ‘not secure’ tag! With the Chrome browser making up 56% of all internet traffic it has never been more important to secure your website with an SSL certificate.


2) Improve your Google Ranking.

Having an SSL certificate will boost your Google Ranking – helping you attract more customers and grow your business throughout the World Wide Web. They can also help build an invaluable level of trust for your brand both internally and externally.


3) Secure you and your clients/customers against sensitive data being intercepted by hackers.

Give your clients/customers the stress free experience they deserve when visiting your website by securing their sensitive data from being gained unlawfully. This ticks another box for GDPR compliance.


How Nexus Data Systems can help

We have a range of certificates available, from basic single domain certificates to sprawling multi-domain packages that cover large group of domains. With the additional effort to make the internet safer for all users, there’s never been a better time to secure your site and attract more customers.

Don’t get left behind: secure your website today with an SSL certificate from Nexus at an affordable cost of £105 per year, that’s just £2 a week!

Give us a call on 0141 429 2525 or email to get started.