Custom Web Applications.

Here at Nexus we’re always exploring new ways to help expand the potential of your business. Whether you need a simple web application to process invoices or a sophisticated system to handle more complex procedures, we can develop solutions which automate frequent tasks and give you more control of your day-to-day processing.



To say these systems are flexible is a massive understatement. As a result describing them in a way that will relate to any specific company can be tricky. At their heart they are data systems that allow you to input, store, manipulate and display data. Since each of these things can be done in a near infinite number of ways, their application is limited only by your imagination.

Furthermore, a bespoke system rarely does one thing. More often it will combine multiple data sources such as several different forms on your website. It will provide restricted back ends, with multiple user levels providing different staff roles with different tools and security permissions. They could be customer facing, staff only or a combination of the two. They'll produce graphs, calendars, tables, emails, and documents. Whatever you need to work faster, better and to impress your customers.

You'll wonder what you ever did without it!

So as you consider what a system like this can do for you, we'd like to invite you to think outside of the box. How do you work at the moment? What do you spend time doing? What tasks do you find annoying, error prone or just plain boring? For those tasks, there's a system just waiting to be built!