Managed IT systems require specialised knowledge, resources and time. That’s why many organisations often find it difficult to really use it to their advantage. IT can also be dangerous territory if not managed correctly, causing disaster to businesses in some cases.

So, here’s nine crucial reasons you should have a managed IT solution.

1) Secure Network

Protect your network from the latest cyber security threats with advanced software and hardware solutions. From real-time intrusion detection software, to firewalls and the latest anti-virus systems, our solutions create a secure environment to protect your IT network from new threats as they emerge.

2) Enhanced IT Performance

Reduce the costs and complexity of your IT infrastructure by moving to a managed Cloud-based hosting service. Our Cloud services allow us to enhance the performance, security and networking of your IT to bring a new-found level of flexibility and control to your business and its day-to-day operations.

3) Optimal Disaster Recovery System

Avoid critical disruptions to your business and establish a solid continuity plan with our disaster recovery service. We plan for that “what if” scenario by backing up & protecting critical applications, data and IT infrastructure to minimise the risk to your business should some go wrong on-site.

4) Improved IT Applications

Office 365 is an essential subscription for any business. With business-level access to services such as Skype, Exchange Online (email), OneDrive and SharePoint, collaborating and corresponding across multiple devices, in multiple locations, has never been easier.

5) Battle Against Cyber-Crime

Keeping your systems up to date is vital in the battle against cyber-crime. From fixing vulnerabilities in your security to improving performance standards, patch management is the silent gatekeeper of your business.

6) Access Your Network At Anytime, Anywhere

Access your network at any time, from anywhere, in a safe and secure manner with remote access tools such as Microsoft Remote Desktop. Perfect for travelling salesman, employees working from home or for a bit of extra-curricular work.

7) Protection Against Viruses & Malware

Viruses and malware are getting more difficult to detect and eradicate. Stay safe from known and emerging threats with the latest deep-scan software which is always working in the background on the front lines of your defence.

8) Filter Out Annoying SPAM Emails

Cyber criminals today commonly use email as a point of origin for their attacks. Don’t take risks: Use an optimised spam filtering platform to protect your business from phishing, ransomware and other emerging threats.

9) Ensure You Select The Best IT Equipment First Time Round

Choosing the right PC and other devices can often be difficult and costly should you make the wrong decision. Make the correct selection by contacting consultants who understand your business requirements.

At Nexus we offer an expert IT consultancy and management service: delivering complete IT solutions tailored to specific requirements for clients throughout central Scotland.