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We are an Nominet-accredited UK domain name Registrar
and Tucows Partner with over 100k active domains under our
management. We can manage any top level domain (TLD) from around the world.

What We Do

Domain Name Services

Domain Consolidation

We bring all your domain names under one roof to ensure your portfolio can be overviewed and managed from one place for easy access.

In-House Management

Our domain name management includes the ongoing monitoring and renewal of your domain names to keep them active and secure.

Domain Registration

Register any available domain name from any country with our library of over 650 top level domain names from across the world.

Multi-Year Discounts

We provide competitive discounts when you register or renew domain names for multiple years. Secure your domains for a great price.

Automatic Renewals

No need to worry about your domains expiring or getting snatched; our domain name management services keeps them secure.

Domain Protection

Domain names managed by Nexus are locked to prevent hijacking and come with privacy protection by standard for GDPR compliance.

Domain Portfolio Management

We have been providing domain name management services for well over 20 years and are one of the UK’s oldest domain name registrars. Accredited by Nominet, approved by JISC and partnered with Tucows, our service opens a library of over 650 TLDs that you can register and each one is managed with care and attention by our technical team on an ongoing basis.

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