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Hosting your website and emails on clustered hosting providers with
cheap rates is a recipe for disaster. For the same cost, we can host your website
on our private UK servers which include dedicated resources to ensure your website performs at its best.

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About Our Web Hosting Servers

Powered by cPanel

We use industry-leading software to power our servers with a user-friendly control panel that allows you to manage your website & emails.

All-in-One Controls

The cPanel control panel includes all the features you need to manage domains, emails, websites and databases from one place.

Unlimited Performance

Our web hosting packages come with unlimited bandwidth and a capacity to play host to hundreds of active website visitors at one time.

Free SSL Security

Websites and email accounts on our web hosting servers are secured by SSL to ensure all key information is safe from hackers & bots.

Webmail Portal

Access your emails from any web browser with our webmail portal, or integrate your accounts onto Outlook, Apple Mail & mobile devices.

Spam Filter Controls

Our spam filters identify most bot spam and provide you with simple controls to manage and improve your filters for anything else.

Secure & Reliable Web Hosting

Our web hosting service is a cost effective solution for managing your business online and keeping it secure. We setup, host and manage your domains, websites and emails and carry out daily backups and regular malware scans at no additional cost. Our private web hosting costs are competitive and the service comes with an unmatched level of oversight and management.

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