Bespoke Websites

4×4 Hire

Job Type

Bespoke HTML

Client Location

Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland

Launch Date

March 2023



About The Project

As Scotland's leading 4x4 hire company, they have built a reputation for providing an unparalleled collection of prestige and commercial vehicles for their clients. From film companies and the Police Force to the hospitality and tourism industry and even Royalty, their client base is as diverse as their range of vehicles.

Our task was clear – to create a modern, refreshed website design that would capture the spirit of adventure and showcase the exceptional range of vehicles available for hire. We were passionate about this project, and we knew we had to design a website that would grab the attention of users and convey the excitement of exploring Scotland in a 4x4.

In addition to the design, we knew that the website had to be mobile-friendly to cater to the growing number of mobile users. The brief was exciting, and we were eager to start designing.


the build

Our Design Process

We started the process by building upon 4x4 Scotland's existing HTML website that was designed several years ago. We knew that we had to give the website a fresh new look to reflect their status as Scotland's leading 4x4 hire company. Our team of experts brainstormed and identified a bold and simple approach to the design that would make an impactful impression on users.

We knew that video content would be the perfect way to grab users' attention, so we incorporated professionally shot video content into the homepage. This instantly created an immersive experience for users, giving them a glimpse of the adventure that awaits them when they hire a 4x4 from 4x4 Scotland.

As part of our process, we built a large library of landing pages for vehicles and services. These pages included specification lists, price tables, and other useful information that users would find helpful. We also re-built their web form with reCAPTCHA v3 for improved user experience and security, streamlining the form by splitting it into multiple stages. This made it easier for users to complete the form and improved its usability.



Project Completion & Launch

As we approached the final design, we worked closely with the client to ensure that every detail was perfect. Our team incorporated further customisations for vehicle hire booking forms to ensure a seamless booking experience for their customers.

With the new design in place, we launched the website with zero downtime, ensuring that the client's online presence was uninterrupted. Additionally, we assisted the client in sending a notification email to their subscribers, welcoming them to the new and improved 4x4 hire website. The client was extremely pleased with the end result, and the website design perfectly reflects the prestige and professionalism of 4x4 Scotland.