Bespoke Websites

Park Systems

Job Type

Bespoke HTML

Client Location

Glasgow, Scotland

Launch Date

March 2023



About The Project

Park Systems are one of Scotland’s leading office interior design companies who provide turnkey solutions for businesses throughout Glasgow and Scotland

The client required a new website design that would present the scale of their business, the quality of their services and the success of their past projects in a professional, modern fashion. Additionally, the client required new landing pages that would expand out on the complete suite of office interior products and services available at Park Systems.


the build

Our Design Process

After discussing the new landing pages and additional content with the client we tasked them with some homework. We asked them to collate images of their marquee projects and write case study information while we prepared a preview on the new bespoke HTML website that was in development. After a few days, we had an early preview build available for their feedback.

With the client’s approval we proceeded with building the service and product pages, 15 in total, with the new layout that was agreed. The service pages were loaded with SEO content, while the product pages were designed to focus on image galleries. Throughout each page we used a pan and zoom effect on the hero (top) images to create a subtle touch of motion without overbearing users with unnecessary animations. As we approached the final stages, we completed the case study pages with their content.



Project Completion & Launch

In the final week of the project we exchanged a few constructive emails with the client to agree on a final build of the website. With the design established, we completed the work with optimisations to the responsive design to improve mobile users’ experience and site navigation.

We also integrated a WordPress blog into the website so the client could post to their News page at any time with updates, special offers and other interesting content that will expand their digital footprint, and wrapped it all up by integrating Google Analytics 4 so we and the client can monitor the website’s growth in the coming weeks and months ahead.