Job Type


Client Location

East Kilbride, Scotland

Launch Date

November 2022



About The Project

Bathtime are a family-run business who provide bathroom design, supply & fit services to their customer throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom.

As a long standing client, we have worked with Bathtime on their parent website, bathtimescotland.co.uk, and built a previous iteration of their online store a few years ago. We approached the client with the suggestion of re-platforming their eCommerce website from Cs Cart to Shopify to modernise their user experience. The client’s passion for offering their customers the best service made it an easy choice. After a consultation with the client, we began planning the extensive data migration over the proceeding weeks.


the build

Our Design Process

Due to the complex product database structure, a platform-platform migration was not an option. Over several weeks, we worked through spreadsheets to format the products’ data into a Shopify-importable format. From image resizing to variation limitation challenges, we worked through each task and carried out a variety of advanced customisations in preparation for the bulk import.

While our technical team worked on the product import, our website designers worked on the look and feel of the new Shopify store. Using a premium Shopify theme as a boilerplate template, we customised the store with Bathtime's iconic branding and design hallmarks to personalise the store. We added a variety of custom-made features, including metafield-based specification sheets with rule-based options to ensure customers browsing the store have access to all the information they need.



Project Completion & Launch

Throughout the project we kept the client in the loop with our progress. As well as providing weekly updates during the build process, we also worked with the client to provide some light training on how to use Shopify and the unique features we implemented at the client's request.

Upon completion of the project we allowed the client all the time required to go through each aspect of the store with a fine toothcomb to ensure it was to the high standard they require. Once approved, we launched the Shopify store ahead of the busy Xmas period.