Job Type


Client Location

Hillington, Scotland

Launch Date

November 2022



About The Project

Foamline are Scotland’s leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic sponges, including bath & hygiene sponges, car sponges and upholstery.

The client required a complete re-platforming of their eCommerce website following the depreciation of the software they had been running for almost a decade. With a need for a general refresh of the overall website design, the client was open to a fresh look for their online store to modernise it for users on all devices – including more robust payment options for customers on mobile phones. Importantly, the work was to be carried out in a relatively short timeframe to migrate the store away from the outdated software.


the build

Our Design Process

Ahead of the development we met with the team behind Foamline to discuss the process. With a reasonably small product database, migrating the data from Cs Cart to Shopify was straightforward enough, but we used this opportunity to work with the client to expand their offering. New product, images and content were put together and imported into Shopify via a spreadsheet.

With the newly-populated product database present, we built the Shopify website with a premium theme from the Shopify store and proceeded to customise it with Foamline’s branding, typography and colour pallets. Using the Shopify theme as a boilerplate template, we customised the theme’s blocks and layout to minimise the amount of clutter present to draw focus on the range of sponges and other products available on the store. We completed the design with a few high quality stock images we sourced ahead of the client booking a photographer for professional collection image of their own.



Project Completion & Launch

Once the development was complete we met with the client once again to review the overall design and functionality. As well as this, we provided some basic training so the client could get an overview of how to manage their new store.

After the client signed off on the job our team created 301 redirects to forward visitors from the old store to the new one, and we also updated their parent website with new links to the Shopify store. With all that done, the website went live.