Bespoke Websites

Clinica Medica

Job Type

Bespoke HTML

Client Location

Glasgow, Scotland

Launch Date

January 2023



About The Project

Clinica Medica is a medical aesthetics clinic located in Glasgow’s west end that is renowned for its excellent team of doctors, nurses and practitioners.

With an underperforming WordPress website designed by another web agency hurting the client’s online presence, Clinica Medica met with us to discuss their concerns and the best path forward. They required a website that was fast to load with a clean layout and professional design that emphasised the clinic's high standards for quality of service.


the build

Our Design Process

The client’s previous web designer made a custom WordPress theme with outdated PHP (5.6) - code that was unsupported and unsecure. This explained many of the issues they had experienced with their website in recent months, so we made the suggestion of switching over to HTML for a faster and more secure website that could still be easily updated on an ongoing basis.

Over several weeks we worked side-by-side with the client to develop their website; combining our design and development experience with their expert knowledge of their services and the types of customers they’d like to target to build a massive index of content-rich pages. Price blocks and booking buttons were added to each services' page to improve the user experience so customers could take decisive action quickly.



Project Completion & Launch

As we approached the website launch, our technical team handled the migration of the client’s portfolio of domains, DNS and websites to consolidate their services under one roof for ease of management.

In the meantime, our web designers continued to work with the client on adding the finishing touches to the website before passing it over for final approval. A few days later, the all-new clinicamedica.co.uk website was launched and we continue to work closely with the Clinica Medica team on SEO, digital marketing and graphic design.