Mackintosh Church

Job Type


Client Location

Glasgow, Scotland

Launch Date

January 2019



About The Project

Mackintosh Queen's Cross is a church designed by Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh that can be found in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland.

The client, CRM Society (a non-profit charity), required a stylish website that would allow them to present the rich history of Mackintosh Church to audiences from around the world and edit in on an ongoing basis. With regular events such as weddings, classical music shows and presentations, the CRM Society staff needed the ability to post new updates, add to their image galleries and refresh prices to keep the website active and engaging.


the build

Our Design Process

Considering the staff at CRM Society were already familiar with WordPress, we proposed building the website on the same content management system so they could easily manage their website content as soon as we launch with no additional training needed. As a homage to Charles Rennie Mackintosh, we wanted to design the website with a WordPress theme that had an architects-touch for a lasting impression.

We customised the website with a dark theme with subtle line patterns in the background and contrasting colours in key areas to draw readers’ attention to key pieces of content. The stylish design and dark background helps contrast the website content and put more emphasis on the client’s excellent gallery of images - past and present. We worked with the client to identify a menu structure and took the content they provided to optimise the webpages with the essential information their visitors are looking for.



Project Completion & Launch

Before launching the website we shared an offline preview with the client for their members to look over and approve before going live. Since launch, mackintoshchurch.com has been visited from thousands of users from around the globe; thousands more have walked through the doors and as we move out of the pandemic, the website once again acts as a hub for visitors, local and international, to learn more about the church's storied history, visit it or hire it out for an event.