Picture Framer

Job Type


Client Location

Shawlands, Glasgow

Launch Date

Feburary 2023



About The Project

Picture Framer Glasgow have been offering a professional framing service to customers throughout Glasgow & Scotland for over 20 years.

Alongside their store in Shawlands, Glasgow, they sell an excellent selection of art print from top UK artists online. With their eCommerce website last being updated in 2015, we approached the client with the prospect of refreshing the website for 2023 and beyond.


the build

Our Design Process

We agreed with the client that we’d ditch the costly software previously running their online store for a more practical, feature-rich platform in Shopify. Our technical team handled the export, data-sorting and import of the products and collections, while our design team picked out a clean, simple theme that’d put emphasis on the art.

Throughout the website, and in the menu structure itself, we aimed to put more emphasis on the client’s bespoke framing service. This was a design aspect we agreed with the client in advance; making the art prints & online store almost secondary in many ways, with the larger goal of promoting their services to local customers in the local area.



Project Completion & Launch

Ahead of launching the website we held a further meeting with the client to preview the new design, explain some of the new benefits and features of the Shopify platform and on-board them to Shopify Payments.

Now live, the new website gives visitors a better taste of the services available from Picture Framer Glasgow. Local customer can visit their store in Shawlands with the helpful map that can be accessed in the menu, while visitors from across the UK have a stunning collection of art prints to browse through, buy, frame and gift.