Job Type


Client Location

Barrhead, Glasgow

Launch Date

Feburary 2023



About The Project

Scotlawn are Scotland’s premier turf supplier. With over 20 years' experience, Scotlawn supply turf that's grown on some of Scotland's most fertile land.

With an outdated online store that’d seen better days, Scotlawn required an all-new eCommerce website that would meet the modern demands of their customers and integrate with their stock control system, accounting software and other apps.


the build

Our Design Process

We began the project by assessing the best eCommerce software for the client’s requirements. We settled on Shopify as the best solution. Aside from its all-round excellence, Shopify is compatible with Xero accounting, as well as the niche stock control software that Scotlawn use to link their farms and website.

After agreeing that a Shopify website was the best solution, our technical team worked on the relatively simple task of migrating their small database of products over to the development store. In the meantime, our Shopify website designer worked on the design by customising a feature-rich theme that included a custom layout for the turf rolls. At this stage we added custom CSS and additional backend modifications to allow customers to choose a turf delivery date. We ensured this information was displayed in order confirmations, and on their dashboard, so the client could process orders efficiently.



Project Completion & Launch

After integrating the client’s required apps and features, we completed the website design and shared a final preview for their approval. We also used this opportunity to request the final batch of data we required to get the store live.

Included in this was the client’s shipping matrix. With a complex shipping network based on postcodes, the client required a robust app that would charge certain fees based on a customer’s distance from their farm. We spent a few hours plugging in this data to ensure customers were charged the appropriate fee and setup a final call with the client to go over the Shopify Payments sign up process before flipping the switch and going live.