Job Type


Client Location

Glasgow, Scotland

Launch Date

November 2022



About The Project

Founded in 1915, Sackmaker are the United Kingdom's leading manufacturer and supplier of bulk bags, woven sacks, sandbags and recycling bags.

For over a decade they have operated a successful online store, sackmarket.co.uk, where they sell discounted bulk quantities of their products. With their eCommerce software falling behind market competitors', the team at Sackmaker required a complete redesign to modernise their store to meet the evolving demands of their customers. The new website was to combine content and eCommerce; selling their products while also offering customers detailed insight into the company, their processes and their products.


the build

Our Design Process

Having worked with Sackmaker for many years, we knew exactly what they required and the best way to achieve it. After an initial consultation to discuss the pros and cons, we agreed that migrating over to the Shopify eCommerce platform was the best solution. Their then-current website featured a variety of unique customisations that would need to be replicated or replaced.

The bulk of the work on this project involved customisations by our design and technical teams. We modified the quantity counter on each product page to default to the viewed product’s MOQ (min order quantity) and configured an application to handle the bulk discounting. Our design team worked closely with the client on the new product and company information pages; implementing interactive features, such as the company history timeline and subtle page animations, to give the website a personality.



Project Completion & Launch

As we approached the website launch, we continued to work with the client to perfect the design. Professional photographs from Sackmaker’s offices and warehouse were added, as were review widgets and countdown timers.

All-in-all, we completed each specification the client put forward and produced a website that exceeded expectations. With their approval, we launched the new online store and continue to work closely with the Sackmaker team on the website and digital marketing.