Bespoke Websites

Garden Makeovers

Job Type

Bespoke HTML

Client Location

Glasgow, Scotland

Launch Date

March 2023



About The Project

Garden Makeovers are an award-winning garden design and landscaping company in Glasgow who service the central belt and beyond.

The client required a straightforward, modern website to help clients learn more about their business and view their gallery of garden design projects. Unlike their previous content-heavy design, the new website was to present service information in short formats that readers could digest in a few moments to improve the overall user experience.


the build

Our Design Process

We started the project by creating a new development server so the client could preview our progress. Lifting the code from the client’s then-current HTML website, we made several subtle improvements to the menu structure and page layout to simplify the user experience, particularly on mobile devices – which attribute for over 70% of the client’s traffic.

While they produced their own text content for the website, we worked through their extensive gallery of images to feature in slideshows and other sections of the website. Additionally, we used a 3D rendered video from the client’s CAD software, used for designing the stunning gardens they produce, on the website homepage to showcase the complexity and precision of their design process.



Project Completion & Launch

We completed the project by working with the client to identify a diverse variety of projects to display. In addition to these projects, we build regionalised landing pages to boost their search engine optimisation.

Following the website launch the client has seen an upturn in several key metrics. Most importantly of all, the new design and easy to digest content is allowing a better visitor flow from first visit, through to submitting an enquiry.