Job Type


Client Location

Somerset, England

Launch Date

May 2022



About The Project

Roadcraft are a leading manufacturer and supplier of road markings, paints and road studs who are based in Somerset with customers throughout the United Kingdom.

The family run business have operated a successful eCommerce website for several years, but now required a modern upgraded following the depreciation of the software being used to operate their website. With over 300 products, hundreds of variations, quantity discounts and more unique requirements the client required an eCommerce website that would perform super-fast, particularly for mobile users considering many of their customers are on the move.


the build

Our Design Process

While WooCommerce offered more robust options for customisation, we decided that Shopify was the best option for the client to achieve the level of performance and usability they required. We took an export of their product database and modified the data on the spreadsheet into a Shopify-friendly format that included all the product variations, where possible. Some products had several options with hundreds of variant combinations - exceeding Shopify’s limit of 100.

This was one of the few challenges we faced in terms of Shopify’s few limitations, but we implemented sensible solutions and work arounds that the client was satisfied with. Another challenge was file attachments. Each product on their then-current website had attachments such as installation guides and specification sheets, but with Shopify there is no easy way to attach files to products. As a work around we built custom page templates and a download library. Once we progressed by that hurdle we finalised the design and worked with the client to completion.



Project Completion & Launch

Once we complete the work we booked a Teams call with the client to assist them with the sign up process for their Shopify account and Shopify Payments. We also used this opportunity to provide the client with a introduction to the platform and how to use it.

Since launching the website we have remained in constant contact with the client to help them understand how to edit the page on their own, to great effect, while also integrated additional customisations to improve the overall customer experience.