Xoli Wastewater Solutions

Job Type


Client Location

Airdrie, Scotland

Launch Date

May 2022




About The Project

Xoli are a family run business based in central Scotland who are a market-leader for innovative wastewater treatment products and solutions.

The client approach us with an interest in our WordPress website design services following several issues with their WordPress website designed by a freelancer who was no longer able to maintain the website. Xoli needed their website to perform faster, rank better on search engines and generate need leads and sales through their WooCommerce store which was also in a state of disrepair once we were able to take a closer look at the setup.


the build

Our Design Process

Our technical team used their expertise in auditing WordPress website to perform a complete technical assessment of their then-current development. After advising the client of the variety of unfixable theme and plugin issues, we agreed a new WordPress website was in their best interest as we would be starting with a stable build. We exports their content, images, products, historic orders and more to begin designing a modern, eCommerce-focused website.

We stripped out the bulky, unnecessary plugins and installed a suite of feature-rich plugins to enhance the overall user experience, including several WooCommerce add ons to customise products and subscription options for the annual maintenance services. After a few weeks of development we shared a preview of the new website with the client and began working on the categorisation of their products to ensure the website was easy for search engines and people to understand.



Project Completion & Launch

Since the successful launch Xoli have continued to make additions to the website’s content and have generated several new leads and sales. Building on this early growth, Xoli have also recently signed up for our digital marketing services, include Google Ads, social ads and social media management services.