With over 20 years’ experience in website design and development, we have a storied history in the world of eCommerce. Alongside some of our own in-house brands, we’ve been privileged to work with a diverse portfolio of clients in the local area of Glasgow, across Scotland, and up and down the United Kingdom on successful eCommerce projects.

In that time we have used (pretty much) every piece of notable eCommerce software available. From high-cost solutions like Magento, to well known, established names like WooCommerce, our team have seen the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, and in recent years we have settled on a platform of choice: Shopify.

Why Shopify?

Historically, choosing the right eCommerce software for a client has been a balancing act. Magento is great, bit very costly and integrates with other apps poorly; WooCommerce is known to function slowly and be resource-intensive, detracting from the overall shopping experience; and the mixed bag of other solutions out there all come with their own distinct challenges that shackle sellers with restrictive features and burdensome costs.

In contrast, Shopify strikes the perfect balance between affordability and accessibility. With subscription costs starting at £19/month and an app store that’s enriched by passionate developers, we’ve found Shopify to be a refreshing experience from a development standing point, and more importantly, our clients love using it.

In recent years, we’ve joined up to the Shopify Partners program and have established ourselves as one of Scotland’s leading Shopify Partner agencies.

Shopify Partners in Scotland

We’ve went from strength-to-strength in recent years, migrating much of our existing client portfolio over to the Shopify platform. In addition to those clients, several new clients have joined us along the way, and our status as Shopify Partners has benefited both parties.

Standard Shopify users are limited to a 14 day trial before being forced to pay for a plan. As Shopify Partners, we have the luxury of creating development stores with no limits. We can focus on developing clients’ stores with care and attention – without a ticking clock hanging over our heads. In addition to that, our Partners status comes with a variety of other benefits for both us and our clients, including discounts on equipment and features.

What Have We Done Recently?

2022 was a busy year for the Shopify website designers here at Nexus. Since March 2022 we’ve built and launched over 20 unique Shopify stores.  Please browse through our portfolio page here (click me) to see some recent examples of our work.

Where Can I Learn More?

We have a dedicated page for our Shopify services here: click me.

The best way to learn more about our Shopify services is to get in touch. Whether you are in the local area and want to pop into our office for a meeting, or are remote and would prefer a Microsoft Teams meeting, we are always available for a free consultation to discuss your unique requirements and how we can help you achieve your goals & grow your brand.